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Frequently Asked Questions about children starting golf lessons.


1. My daughter/son would like to try golf. How can s/he start?


Most clubs run Junior group lessons and these are usually adverised on their club websites. However, we do have some details of when and where and the cost and these can be found in the Menu under Junior Coaching. There are also links to the club websites on that page.


2. At what age do Juniors start to have lessons?


Some coaches start to teach as young as 4 or 5 years old depending on the child's physical development. Other clubs have a minimum age of 8.


3. I have been told that equipment can be expensive and I don't want to invest too much money in case they dont enjoy it.


Club pros will often lend a club for the first sessions  and there is a good secondhand trade as children grow out of their clubs and need bigger ones.


4. So what are the costs for lessons and times?


Depends on the pro. Some charge for a group of lessons and charge an overall price for them. Others charge a fee for each time the child turns up. The costs start at £3 upwards. You will need to check at the club you use. There is some more information here.  Also, clubs vary enormously as to when they offer lessons. One club offers after school sessions nearly every day. Other clubs may only offer one hour a week on a certain day.


5. Does my child have to join the club before they can have lessons?


No. Lessons are available for non-members of clubs and the provision is different in every club. Some Golf Clubs have a Junior Academy with a nominal  fee but with some access to use the course on occasions. Some other Golf Clubs are using a scheme called Golf Access and there may be some charges there but it will be up to the individual Golf Clubs. Talk to the Pros at Golf Clubs near you to find out more.


6. Are there any procedures in place to safeguard my child?


Yes. PGA Pros have to be DBS checked with the appropriate safguearding in place annually through their professional association. Junior organisers and regular helpers also have to be DBS checked.


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